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Elementary Program

Our Elementary program is an ungraded system.   The class is multi-aged and includes children from six to twelve years.


Children aged six through twelve continue to have sensitive periods for learning.  The student begins to formulate and express moral decisions within our world.  The elementary student follows sensitive periods for imaginative thinking, abstract ideas, language, science, art, and music.  Reading, writing, mathematics and practical life skills that were established in the Primary program continue to develop.





The elementary children show great confidence in themselves and their abilities, and are able to comfortably interact with others in the greater community. 


Montessori elementary education provides the skills to succeed in an ever-changing world.  Students tend to excel socially and academically. 

The students hold an annual "Spring Presentation" in which they perform poetry, dance, commercials and skits, singing, and theatrical performances for their parents and peers. 


The elementary students plan and prepare a formal dinner where they practice their grace and courtesy skills.      


Working on longer math projects

Animal stories



Bike safety

Formal Dinner

Examining a stream


Reading in the sun

Learning the bells

Studying the map of Canada

The elementary student enjoys scientifically classifying parts of our world and exploring the universe.  The student organizes animals, plants, and insects, then writes about his/her scientific discoveries. 


The six to twelve year old uses concrete experiences as a support from which to create abstract ideas.  For example, using their growing powers of imagination, elementary students explore a timeline of life that includes the world of dinosaurs and trilobytes.


In language, the elementary student learns the function of words and analyzes how words are used in phrases, sentences, and paragraphs.  The student combines imagination and grammar skills to create poetry and prose.


Ideally, elementary children at Discover Montessori have completed the three year Primary Program or have transferred from another Montessori school.  Children who do not have a Montessori background may be considered for the elementary classroom after an interview and assessment.


Like the primary student, the elementary student continues to use the tools of inner discipline and outer freedom. 


An eleven year old student once said:

"I don't know if I do what I like, but I like what I do!"


The elementary students leave Discover Montessori School truly prepared for life as citizens of the world.


Our elementary class enjoys a full and varied physical education program, participating in sports such as golf, gymnastics, skiing, swimming, and skating. 





Since 1990 we have worked with Department of Fisheries & Oceans raising Coho salmon. 




Through art and music, students experience the legacy of human culture.  The students also create art work and music that express and represent his/her world. We experience cultural events such as theatrical performances & musical productions at The Port Theatre in Nanaimo, and through trips to the Vancouver Children's Festival. Children enjoy creating music and art.


Studying fish parts

Coho Fry


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                                                                                                A Program of Discover Montessori Society

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